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Brow14.0015 min.
Chin8.00 and up15 min.
Neck8.00 and up15 min.
Lip8.0015 min.
Cheeks11.00 and up15 min.
Forehead6.00 and up15 min.
1/2 leg (lower)27.0030 min.
1/2 leg (upper)30.0030 min.
Full leg50.0045 min.
Back of leg17.50 and up15 min.
Foot10.0015 min.
Underarms15.0015 min.
Forearms23.0015 min.
Full arms35.0030 min.
Bikini23.0015 min.
Extensive Bikini27.00 and up30 min.
Brazilian50.00 and up30 min.