A series of treatments may be
purchased at a discount of 10%
Treatments Pg 2.
Aroma Therapy Body Salt Glow50.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Exfoliates dead cells and cleanses the skin
- Stimulates and improves skin color
- Leaves the skin soft, smooth and revitalized
Full Body Polish Treatment50.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Removes impurities and rough skin
- Refines the epidermis
- Activates Blood Circulation without harming the capillaries
- Renders the skin soft and smooth
Aromatherapy Body Treatment75.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Anti-Stree and Relaxation
- Anti-Fluid and Stagnation
- Draining and Anti-Toxic
- Rejuvenating
- Energizing
Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Body Wrap75.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Deep Relaxation
- Anti-Stress for Body and Mind
- Mineralizing and Moisturizing
- Energy Renewal
Organic Body Wrap85.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Counteracts aging
- Tightens & firms
- Refines & smooths
- Brightens • Hydrates
- Evens discoloration
- Relieves stress
Organic Salt Scrub65.00