A series of treatments may be
purchased at a discount of 10%
Treatments Pg 1.
Skin Firming Body Treatment75.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Smoothes the skin
- Stimulates and invigorates skin tissues
- Tightens and firms the epidermis improving elasticity
- Excellent treatment during weight loss
Full Body Seaweed Wrap75.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Refines Skin
- Activates Blood Circulation
- Detoxifying
- Mineralizing and Moisturizing
Skin Smoothing Treatment (Cellulite)75.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Stimulating, Diuretic and Detoxifying
- Helps eliminate spongy and puffy look
- Improves skin's elasticity and blood circulation
Hydrotherapy Underwater Massage70.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Support of the body through Hydro Static Pressure
- Relieves tension on muscles
- A constant, warm temperature
- Relaxing
Underwater Lymphatic Massage70.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Assists in fluid retention
- Promotes detoxification
- Relief from stress
- leaves one with a general sense of well being
Full Body Wrap with Natural Moor75.00
Treatment Benefits:
- Helps muscular tension, aches, cramps, athletic and articular pain
- Anti-fatigue and anti-stress
- Relieves pain from rheumatism and arthritis